Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Scenester Pick: Jaill and Widowspeak at Replay

We weren't planning to blog this week, but tonight's Replay show of Jaill / Widowspeak looks too hip not to mention. Also, it's snowing like hell on Spring Break, so what else have we got to do?  Plus, we like bands that are interestingly punctuated (look at that second "l" in Jaill!) or playfully named (Widow Speak?  Widow's Peak?).

Pitchfork bestows a respectable 7.3 on the buzzy Brooklyn duo Widowspeak's Almanac (full review here ):

"A new focus on low-range brings out even more of the "creepy Disney soundtrack folk group"-- Hamilton's original idea for a band called Widow's Peak-- behind the spidery banjo and baroque accordions in "Thick as Thieves".

You had us at "creepy Disney soundtrack folk group."

But it's the following snippet from Rolling Stone's 3 and 1/2 star review that really gets us going: "the overall Twin Peaks vibe is so thick David Lynch should get a production credit." (Full review here).

Look for us at the bar obnoxiously rattling off Twin Peaks quotes all evening:  "The owls are not what they seem!" 

And what about the headliner?  Pitchfork says of Jaill's 2012 Traps"It mingles the barely contained frustrations of OG wimp-rockers (and fellow Milwaukeeans) Violent Femmes with a hearty Midwestern fondness for riffs and boss solos, while replacing that trio's anti-folk underpinings with a bit of swagger from power-pop godheads the dB's."  

Sounds good to us.  Read the full review here : the verdict is 6.8.

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