Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend Scenester Picks: Heinous Sh!t with BARRR And Rob, Rockin' Benefit Show at Replay, Olassa Variety Hour, EMU's Ten Minute Play Festival

If the worst happens and KU shockingly loses to Western Kentucky during Friday's late-night NCAA match-up, we know where you will be:  rioting in the streets.

Assuming that does not happen, head over to the Bottleneck after the game (or watch the game AT the Bottleneck) and witness "Heinous Shit," featuring BARRR and Rob in something that's "kind of like a talk show."

Rob sent us this little missive to describe the event:

"This boner of an evening is what will soon become a reoccurring event at what is an ex-roller skating rink.

The subject for the first installment of H.S. is DRUGS. Stories will be shared, songs will be dissected, questions will be asked.

Are you a bad enough dude to come see ROB AND BARRR battle it out?"

Chip:  "Is this going to be all dudes?  Just a big sausage-fest with BARRR swinging his dick around on stage?"

 Well, Chip, we assume BARRR will be swinging his dick around (that's a safe bet), but hopefully there will also be some ladies there as well.   

Only 20 brave souls have committed on the FB event page so far:  please join them here.

On Saturday, the Replay hosts an early benefit (5:00-9:00) called "Cancer Sucks."  It will raise money for an LFK local with breast cancer.  Four bands are on tap:  Radar Defender, the Sluts, Ebony Tusks, and Drop Jaw, plus a bunch of chili and baked goods!  Sure, it will probably be snowing like hell on the patio, but go to this anyway.  The chili will warm you up.  Visit the FB event page here

And follow up your good deeds at the Replay by returning to the Bottleneck for the Olassa variety show.  We caught Olassa's St. Patty's set at the Replay last Sunday (yes, they were swilling a big pitcher of green beer) and they were sounding as pretty as ever.   And apparently they became a four-piece when we weren't paying attention??  At one point on St. Patty's, they even became a five-piece, welcoming a guest vocalist to make the harmonies even sweeter.  The show will also include Monzie Leo, some Foxy by Proxy chicks (in fact, 7 of them!), and puppets.  Because it's not a variety show without puppets.  We hope there's a Monzie Leo puppet.  The FB event page is here.  Starts at 9:30.


And EMU Theatre's annual Ten-Minute Play festival (featuring many of your favorite scenesters) kicks off at Lawrence Arts Center tomorrow with shows the following weekend (March 29 and 30) as well.  Try to pencil it in around the basketball tournament (Chip:  "Easily done.  KU's dropping early this year, as I've said.").  The FB event page is here.  One of the plays is about "spirit animals," which sounds pretty cool.  Chip's spirit animal is a little donkey.

Snake, Rattle and Role - EMU Theatre's Ten-Minute Play Festival

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