Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Music Picks: An Old Fashioned Freakout With Psychic Ills, Blues Control, Follakazoid at Jackpot and Ol' Yeller Returns to the Replay

If you're on drugs tonight and looking for a place to zone out and drone out, drop by the Jackpot for Psychic Ills, Blues Control, and Follakazoid.  Not convinced?  Let's see what Pitchfork has to say.

They give the  "psych-dabblers" of  Psychic Ills (who have been dabbling for ten years now) a 6.0 for 2013's One Track Mind:

"Almost every track features similar components-- rippling, melty guitars, country jangle, hints of desert mirage psychedelia..."

Full review here .

They give Blues Control's 2012 Valley Tangents a 7.0 with these intriguing descriptors:

"Suggesting Vince Guaraldi leading an acid-jazz workshop..."

"... trusses the ruptures of 80s hip-hop rippers Death Comet Crew to the swivel of Neu!"

Full review here

And what about Follakazoid?  Well, they're from Chile?  And how many Chilean bands have you witnessed during your years on the LFK scene?  Less than eight, we'd imagine.


Readers, some of our best times during our glory days era at the Replay were at Ol' Yeller shows.  Their "muttonchop rock" with a touch of roots was just our thing!

Chip: "Also, back then, we had a real boner for this Ol' Yeller-loving gal named H...".

That's enough, Chip.  Anyway, it's been a long time since we've seen these Minnesota heroes, but we're pleased to report that they are not dead (if you get our film reference!) and in fact will be stopping by the Replay on Saturday on their way to SXSW.  They've even got a new album called Levels.

Give them a "like" on FB over here and head to the Replay Saturday, although we probably won't be there, since we don't want to sully our old memories.  They'll be playing with Art Dodge and the Horsefeathers.  Of course they will.


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It's a date.