Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Scenester Picks: Speakeasies, Sex Films, and Skronky Tonk

Sure, a lot of you scenesters will be "jockin' your freshes" down at the Jackpot on Saturday (Chip: "I think that's hip-hop lingo for masturbation"), and you can get the full info on that and other weekend music events at I Heart Local Music.

But what else should you consider this weekend?

How about Speakeasy Night at the Eldridge this evening? It seems that HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Ken Burns Prohibition have made such gatherings hip again (so long as there's plenty of booze involved, of course). So dress like a flapper and check it out. We recommend drinking a lot of Sidecars, which we sampled at the recent Bonnie and Clyde bank robbery re-enactment. They'll get you nice and hammered, and quick. We sincerely hope Courtneybelle attends and reports back to us.

Film buffs will want to head to KC this weekend to see British auteur Steve McQueen's NC-17 sex-addiction drama Shame, though Chip's a little intimidated to spend two hours in the presence of Fassbender's (by all accounts impressive) schlong. We hope it's as pretentious as the poster and have no doubt it will be!

Or maybe you're in the mood for some "mayhem-infused skronky tonk music." Old Country Death Band's at the Jackpot tonight. They have a cool name and a cool flyer:

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Dr. C said...

As always I'm on the late side. If I'd finished my 20s novel two years ago, I could be doing a book tour associated with Speakeasy-type events.

Now the only question is: will I be more on-cycle if I rush to finish it or put it aside for five years?