Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve at the Replay Recap / Local Mural Restoration Project of the Week

Readers, normally we spend a quiet New Year's Eve in bucolic Romance, Arkansas, which is now home to a new reality show on Animal Planet called American Stuffers, about a family of extreme taxidermists who specialize in stuffing beloved pets (this shit is real: take a look !).

But last night we found ourselves in Larryville, so we ventured to the Replay to see how local scenesters ring in the New Year. How? With a 45 minute set break and absolutely nothing happening on stage at midnight nor any announcement of the New Year (probably there was more festivity on the patio than inside).

But at least Dean Monkey's pre-midnight opening set of "dirty doo wop," complete with ZZ Top beards and a shirtless adult baby with a pacifier, offered up a version of "Auld Lang Syne."

And in the early minutes of 2012, likely to be humanity's final year, The Devil (turns out The Devil is a woman) took the stage with distorted guitars and gave Chip an evil boner in the front row.

Here's a frighteningly ethereal picture of The Devil:

And it's probably safe to assume that Fag Cop (or "Homo 5-0," as Dean Monkey called them) played later, but we were passed out in the alley by then.


If you're a local progressive, you love art and you love saving art, so head over to Dave Loewenstein's blog and find out about one of his 1993 murals (the one in the alley on the side of Signs of Life bookstore) that just got painted over but MIGHT be restored with a little support from you. Do you want the mural back? Of course you fucking do!

Thanks to @oxfordist for the story tip.

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