Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nerd Nite 3: Observations and Reflections

Readers, Nerd Nite has reached its "tipping point" (as that nerdy Malcolm Gladwell would say). Doors opened last night at 7:30 and by the time we arrived, at 7:34, the room was at capacity. However, we luckily scored a seat, not because we're the only son-of-a-bitches in town who cover this event but simply because a group of people waiting nearby did not want to leave any of their members behind. We are pleased to note, however, that the next Nerd Nite will be held in Pachamama's ballroom, which should provide plenty of room for every interested nerd in town

And now some highlights from the three presentations:

1) Truck Stop presentation

"Showers are golden when you're on the road."
(The presenter never seemed to realize the unintentional sexual innuendo here, but the nerds sure did. We all snickered like Beavis and Butthead.

The presentation was notably lacking in trucker music and clips from films such as Smokey and the Bandit, but at least Convoy was referenced.

One of the presenter's Top Ten trucker lessons was that "Truck stop food is awful," but Chip profoundly disagreed, as he has never met a truckstop chicken-fried steak that he didn't enjoy.

2) Intro to Whisky presentation

No, there's not supposed to be an "e" in whisky, you dummies!

Line about barley that gave Chip a boner: "You've got to get it wet and sopping."

We scored a free sample of whisky (thanks to Courtneybelle!).

3) Neo-Archaic Revivalism lecture

These days people who are into Terence McKenna are the kinds of folks that go to Sound Tribe Sector 9 shows (good point, Nick Ray!).

"Knurds" are "agents of change." Especially Plato.

Admittedly, we were drunk on good Scotch by this point, but we're pretty sure that Nick Ray accidentally said "John Cameron Mitchell" instead of "James Cameron" at one point, which made us think about how awesome Avatar would have been if the director of Shortbus had made it: imagine all the hot Na'vi orgies that would have ensued!

Important point established during the Q&A: There is no sequel to Titanic.

Also, all nerds in attendance last night were given a copy of the inaugural Nerd Nite magazine, and we have spent the morning studying the Nerd Nite personals. We're totally going to email Pam Willis from Austin, a sexy biologist nerd who is made happy by "critters, surprise cocktails, and singing in the car." Go here to subscribe to the magazine.

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