Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Top Five Final Friday Art and Music Picks

Another Final Friday is around the corner and this one seems unusually full of music to go along with your monthly dose of art.

Here's what catches our eye so far (quotes taken from the Final Fridays Wordpress site , which will give you a more wide-ranging scoop on tomorrow's events):

1) Lawrence Percolator has been off our scenester radar for awhile (and perhaps they'll soon be off everyone's radar when they are obscured by Doug Compton's newest downtown high-rise). But tomorrow they offer up a "Final Fridaze Extravaganza" called "Songs Amidst Stillness," with performances by Hello Biplane! (we love the exclamation point) and Heartscape Landbreak (clever name!). Audiences are also invited to "bring your music makers" so we expect a room full of Eastside lunatics beating on pots and pans. And we hear soup will be served too. Music around 7:00.

2) The Lost Art Space (formerly Penny Annies) has become the scenester art gallery/performance art space of choice lately, full of "Heaven Parties" and comedians talking about their dicks. The space will host a group show called "Sweet/Sweat Shop" with music by DJ BARRR and One Million Light Years (music at 9:00).

3) Wonder Fair gets our vote for most adorably titled opening with "Togethers": "an exhibition exploring the intrinsic influence and inspiration between two artists who choose to share time, space and life experiences." Also, the Wonder Fair bar will serve up some beer and chocolate pairings. And, in a perfect world, Transmittens would return to Larryville and mumble songs about "sparklemittens" in the corner during this event.

4) The Pig gets cute as well with a Valentine's themed show called "Venus Loves Me," featuring "goddesses, love letters, beautiful germs, bathing beauties, genies, flowers, tassels, trophies with boobs." Chip likes the poster because it has titties on it.

(5) Finally, Love Garden's opening is called "Animal/Magnetism," featuring "life music by Animism, which is a thrown together band that will be ambient noir." We're pretty sure that's supposed to read "live music," but "life music" sounds more important. Music around 7:30.

Get the more wide-ranging scoop on Final Fridays events at the Wordpress site.


the rev said...

I wish you'd give us advance notice when there's talk of dick and dildos. Lord knows I've got room for more!

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