Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kansas Day Events / Burns Night 2012

Readers, tomorrow is Kansas Day and that means the annual Kansas Day Costume Contest at Free State Brewery (the winner gets free monthly dinners for the rest of the year). Chip will NOT be donning blackface for a stirring portrayal of Langston Hughes this year, nor will he be in drag as Carrie Nation, busting shit up. Those ideas didn't go well in the past.

And our friends at Wonder Fair are in the Kansas Day spirit as well, hosting an event at 3:00 that features "such Kansas-themed delectations as (chocolate) box turtles, honeybees, molasses cookies, and wheat bread with whipped honey butter."

You can also "make your own Kansas Day Merit Badges!" We recommend following that up with a march around town to show that your state patriotism is still alive and well despite those sons-a-bitches in office.

And make sure to end your Kansas Day at Burns Night 2012 at the Jackpot, which has nothing to do with Kansas Day but sounds like a pretty cool celebration of Robert Burns where you can dine on "Auld Reekie" (a traditional Scottish soup), listen to some Celtic jams, and hear some Burns poems. It starts at 6:00. Full details at the official Lawrence Scottish Fest site , where you can learn that this event has been held in some form or another at various locales for 16 years?


Day of the Lords said...

It does not "sound like a cool celebration." It is called Burns night in celebration of the poet's birth on the 25th. Looks like Richard's east-sider literati friends are rubbing off on him.

Arbiter of all things cool said...

Yes, it will be cool, Day of the Lords, as I hereby doubly re-declare.

Please don't tread on my God(s)-granted territory, or that of the franchise I have let to Richard.

Richard rubs rev right said...

Burns has been in the NY Times crossword puzzles.