Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Don't Know What a "Global Pants Party" Is All About, But There's Not Much Else Going On Tonight / Local Missed Connection of the Week

Readers, if you're like us you've no doubt already clicked on the Jackpot's home page to plan your January hipster itinerary and found yourself facing a totally blank slate. Sure, we cried a little. But we're told there ARE still occasional events scheduled (which you can find listed at I Heart Local Music). And of course Duckie and company are still doing karaoke on Tuesdays.

However, let's face it. It's slow this time of year in general and, without the Jackpot rocking on a nightly basis, it's going to be a long winter and you're going to have to settle for some off-the-beaten-path events at other, less hip venues.

So we'll see you at the Bottleneck tonight for something called a "global pants party." It's free if you're over 21 and there's also going to be some "live painting" going on.


Romance is in the air at the gym in this recent "m4f" Missed Connection.

"Anyways I am definitely turned on by you and would love to tear my shirt off and show you what I have underneath for you. Reply back to this telling me what color shirt I wore last night. Clue...We did lock eyes a few times and I also know that you switched from the treadmill to the stair-stepper because it was right by the tricep machine that I was using and you wanted to show off that ass of yours."

Chip: "Women love when a guy rips his own shirt off and the tricep machine is indeed the best vantage point to check out asses at the gym. I have a feeling this guy will get lucky."

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