Friday, January 6, 2012

Picking and Grinning Pick of the Day: Smile High Club

Our friends at I Heart Local Music have already informed you of the weekend's hippest events, such as Kaitlyn Conroy's new project La Guerre at the Replay on Saturday and The Sluts at the Bottleneck (also on Saturday).

So let's take a look at a few other choices you might otherwise overlook. For the early birds amongst us, the Replay offers a matinee of picking and grinning this evening (it's so fucking warm they should move it outdoors and pretend it's summer again!). Will Katz is opening the show with "singing commentary for the misleaders of our state?" ( Is this dude like the Mark Russell of Larryville? He better have a Brownback/#heblowsalot tune! And maybe a tune written in the past few days about Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal forwarding along offensive emails about Michelle "YoMama."

And the matinee headliner is Smile High Club. We can only assume (and hope) they thought of the name while getting high and having sex in an airplane restroom. We're sold based on this photo (note the PBR t-shirt). Also, they have a wonderfully vulgar song called "Sweet Ass" which you can hear at their FB page . Learn it and sing along tonight.

Or perhaps you should head to Wayne and Larry's to support K-State in the Cotton Bowl at the "Lawrence Area Catbacker Watch Party." Just kidding. You should NOT do that. Instead, you should root for the Hogs, because Richard still has Razorback roots. However, Chip does enjoy this pic from the official Wayne and Larry's website, which suggests that the waitresses are folksy types with bare feet and rolled-up jeans.

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