Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Nerd Night Returns! (not to be confused with Nerd Nite) / Replay Photo of the Week

We're getting a little worried that there are too many nerds in Larryville these days, what with the new Nerd Nite series of lectures at Pachamama's and the sure-to-be-triumphant return of Astro Kitty's Super Nerd Nite on Wednesday (now at the Bottleneck). But at least this week's nerds have a kissing booth staffed by the Foxy By Proxy burlesque ladies. Perhaps next time they'll consider the "groping booth" which we remember so fondly from the old Bottleneck "Fetish Nights" (Chip: "One of the top-five erotic Larryville experiences of my life.").

There's also a "VIDEO-DRONE™ OLD-SCHOOL GAMING BAR!" (we dig the Cronenberg reference) as well as a "SINEMASCOPE™ SILENT FILM/DRINKING EXPERIENCE!" (which we assume means getting trashed while watching silent films).

Also: rock and roll from Radar Defender.

Visit the Facebook event page for Super Nerd Night here here .

And visit Radar Defender's site here and dig the tune "Simian Rock."


The picture of the day comes to us from the KU Nights site. Apparently they sometimes visit the Replay in addition to Abe and Jake's and Tonic and Brothers. But did the Replay become a hippie bar? Or is this cat being ironic? As always, free PBR if you identify the scenesters. Or perhaps you'd prefer a toke?

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