Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Larryville Approves Fambrough Drive / Pitchfork's NECESSARY Album of the Week

Larryville's City Fathers approved a plan last night to rename a portion of 11th Street Fambrough Drive in honor of late, great Missouri-hater and former KU football coach Don Fambrough. Fambrough Drive will stretch from Mississipi to Missouri Streets. Are we excited? You bet we are.

Chip: "I suspect that if you stand at the intersection of Fambrough Drive and Missouri Street and hate Missouri with all your might the ghost of Fambrough will appear and call Missourians a bunch of sons-of-bitches."

But let's see what the LJ-World talkbackers think?

Observant says: "Just when I thought commissioners couldn't do any thing stupider than anything before, they did it. A memorial to a losing coach with only his hatred of Missouri as his claim to fame."

Trollkiller says: "Good thing we don't have a coach with a winning record like Bill Snyder, we'd have to re-name the entire town (Snyderville)."

And Andini says: "Can a roundabout be named after Mangino?"

We have to admit, however, that we do feel a little sorry for the frat guys of Delta Tau Delta who pride themselves on their 1111 W 11th St address (and their 11/11 parties). They may never find their way back home from Brother's after the name change.


When Pitchfork uses the word "necessary," we take notice. Here's a line from their rave 8.6 review of Cloud Nothings' Attack on Memory:

"As an accidental concept album affirming the enduring power and purity of early emo (as defined by Dischord, Deep Elm, and especially Jade Tree), Attack on Memory feels above all necessary, a corrective for indie rock making allowances for everything except music that actually rocks."

Making a concept album without even knowing it is pretty hip in our book.

And check out this cat in an Ernest Tubb Record Shop t-shirt:

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