Monday, January 23, 2012

Courtneybelle Gets Sloshed on Sidecars at Speakeasy Night at Eldridge / We Recommend a Four Hour Japanese Film About Religion and Upskirt Photography

Larryville has been clamoring for Courtneybelle's first post of the new year, so here it is: her adventures at last Friday's "speakeasy night" at the Eldridge. Enjoy.

"If you need an excuse to be in costume on a Friday, look no further than “speakeasy night" at the Eldridge. It is always fun to celebrate our nation’s puritanical streak by getting plowed on Sidecars and Cosmopolitans. Based on the crowd this Watkins Museum event drew, it’s pretty hip to be historical. I think modern ladies are drawn to these events because they hearken back to a day in fashion when flat chested girls stood a chance in this world. Once patrons uttered the password, they were admitted to a dimly lit basement room. Watkins Museum provided some entertaining local historical factoids and artifacts [pictured]. Not surprisingly, Lawrence has a rich history of disobedience during Prohibition. As far as I know, Prohibition-era Lawrencians didn’t invent alcohol made out of hemp, but they did their part to contribute to the immorality of the community."

If you look really closely at the second photo, you might see Courtneybelle, trapped forever in the Eldridge, Shining-style!!


If you're like us, you just finished reading Haruki Murakami's 925-page opus 1Q84 with the PBR_Book_Club and immediately started looking for another ridiculously long and insane recent Japanese work of art. Luckily, we've got just the ticket for you: Love Exposure, a four-hour 2008 film by Sion Sono about a teenage boy who wants to sin as much as possible to impress his Christian priest father during confessions so he joins forces with an intrepid band of upskirt-photographers who stalk the city, hoping all the while to take the perfect picture of his dream girl who will give him his first boner, which finally happens while he's dressed in drag and pretending to be a bad-ass kung fu fighter named "Miss Scorpion" to impress a man-hating schoolgirl crush. Sold yet? We're two hours in and loving it. Call to discuss. And watch the Youtube trailer here.

AV Club describes the film: "A soundtrack flush with passages from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 and Ravel’s Bolero. A roving gang of martial-arts-trained up-skirt photographers. Boners aplenty."

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