Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend Cultural Guide

For children, old folks, and traditionalists, Liberty Hall offers up the annual Holiday Hoedown this evening. According to a piece in this week's Pitch, the Hoedown is traditionally the "rowdiest" of area holiday music events, but obviously the Pitch writers haven't attended in many years or they'd know that the event has morphed into a decidedly non-rowdy Hee Haw-like musical revue whose audience mainly consists of dancing children. The balcony, however, is still a fine place to drink beer and listen to some of Larryville and KC's best pickers and grinners. We'll be there.

For the hipper, the Rooftop Vigilantes Tour Kickoff is at the Replay. According to, DJ's Zach and Seth from the Vigilantes will be holding court from 8:00-1:00 but, as with most information from, we have our doubts as to its accuracy. Presumably, however, the band will be performing one of its patented 30-minutes gigs at some point (likely around 1:00 am).

For the hippest, the Vigilantes and Fourth of July are also playing a house party this weekend. It's posted publicly on Fourth of July's Twitter, so don't worry: we aren't sharing "secret" hipster information.

And for the artsy, the Percolator's annual benefit is at the Jackpot tonight, featuring performances by Danny Pound and Kirsten Paludan, who also happens to be profiled in this week's Style Scout: she "love[s] the return to lady-like fashion right now. Women are dressing less disheveled, more polished and sophisticated."

Is this true, or isn't it?


AnnaUndercover said...

Women are definitely dressing "less disheveled," lol. I even wore a *dress* recently.

Also, I have a present for you guys, if you're interested.

interested Chroniclers said...

We do enjoy presents.

Capt Captivated said...

Speaking for the rest of readership, we are interested too, Anna

Captain C said...

I doubt that some silly stripper in Larryville resembles Bettie Page. Come on readers!

The Unknown Hipster said...

Dear Anna,
Ditto Capt Captivated. Not so much Captain C. Maybe the LC will have a "gift" for you, too ;)
The Female Readership and the Unknown Hipster

Captain Cute said...

Apologies, readers. I had forgotten that most of you probably wouldn't get the Bettie Page referent.

So HO! HO! HO! to the "female" readership.