Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Scenester Guide / Also: King Tosser Interviews Rooftop Vigilantes in PopMatters

Here are our picks for your weekend scenester itinerary:

Start your Friday evening at the Holiday Sip and Shop in the Alton Ballroom of Pachamama's (6:00-10:00) where local artists (such as our Twitter-buddies @BARRR and Patrick Giroux) will be selling their wares in a beer-fueled atmosphere.

Chip: "I hope I don't get so drunk that I accidentally purchase some art."

End your evening at the Replay (of course) where Mammoth Life, everybody's favorite local costumed indie-rockers, will offer up some new material, which you can download for free at the address below. ML has recently downsized from an eight-piece scenester collective to a duo, but we suspect they are still adorable.

And in between these events, make sure to stop by the Free State Glass Company's annual Christmas party (which we THINK is tonight). Oh, is that a scenester secret? Sorry for revealing it, but all of our readers are easily hip enough to attend.

Don't get too hammered, however, because you need to be up and around for Saturday's Old Fashioned Christmas Parade at 11:00 tomorrow.

Chip: "You might expect us to say something cynical about this event, but we're not going to. The horses are beautiful!"


Larryville is making a splash in PopMatters today with the publication of our friend King Tosser's piece on garage rock, the recent Garage Fest, and the Rooftop Vigilantes, who make for great interview subjects as revealed in these excerpts:

"I’m glad we played first so we could get to drinking and enjoy the rest of the festival."

"Collectively, we change our clothes about every 2.7 days."

"Quiet bands are weenies."

"We aim for the cheapest, fastest way of getting it done, of getting it to that level where it sounds shitty but no shittier, just this clean but no cleaner, and with a just-out-of-tune cool."

Read "Bullshit Detectors! The Garage Is an Outside Place, and a Place for Outsiders" at this address:

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