Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Checking in With Larryville's Transmittens (Who Are Now Called Seapony and Live in Seattle) / Also: The Boys Discover Whipahol

It seems like only yesterday that Larryville was enjoying the delightful toy instruments and Casio bleeps of our twee heroes, Transmittens, but the joys they brought us were fleeting, and we have now discovered that they have moved to Seattle, evolved into the three-member group Seapony, and apparently begun to play surf guitar!

They've even made Pitchfork's Playlist:

"The band's named Seapony, the song's called "Dreaming", the single's cover art is a picture of a girl in ocean water, and the label that's putting it out doubles as a Tumblr blog."

Check out Seapony's Bandcamp at the address below to hear three songs (their 7', Dreaming, is sold out, as it should be). We think you'll find the adorableness and catchiness remain. Stay gold, Seapony, and come play at the Replay for us as soon as you can!

And recall the fond days of Larryville cow clouds and sparklemittens here:


They've taken away our FourLoko, but lately we've discovered something almost as ridiculous. It's called Whipahol--multi-flavored, alcohol-infused whipped cream in a can--and it's currently available at a liquor store near you (Chip: "Until the guvmint takes it away from us!").

To compete with 715's "Butchery Dinner" this weekend, the boys are hosting a special "Whipahol Meal" in which all dishes will be prepared using the delicious topping. Chip's dish is rumored to be chicken-fried steak, slathered with gravy and topped with Whipahol, whereas Richard is simply squirting Whipahol into half-empty cans of PBR to make a tasty beverage.

Visit the official website here:


Jartsu37 said...

I gotta pretty good recipe that I like to use the whipahol for...its easy just had peppermint shnapps to some hot coacoa and and top er on off with that shit...and for dessert alcowhippits!

Chip said...

I want to party with Jartsu!