Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Scenester Pick and a Visit to Foodspotting!

Readers, it was so frigid and windy last night that even the hippest of local hipsters stayed home, drinking PBR by a roaring fire. Sadly, we even missed Santacon and can only offer you this LJ-World picture, which looks sufficiently jolly to us. Santas, if you're reading, identify yourselves:

If you're like us, you're probably getting cabin fever by now and will want to venture out this evening. Your choices are limited, but we recommend the Replay (naturally), where an Omaha folk collective of 10+ members called Midwest Dilemma will take the stage (can 10+ members FIT on the stage at the Replay? that alone is reason to attend). Their album, Timelines & Tragedies, is a concept piece (containing 20+ players, with a woodwing and string section) which "explores the journey of [lead singer] Lamoureux’s ancestors from days of French Canadian fur trading to his present day life in Omaha. Along the way, notes of the Vietnam War and his parents’ generation highlight the tale" (

If you're not intrigued yet (Chip: "History is still boring even when it's sung."), note that a solo Art Dodge is opening the show, and nothing says winter in Larryville like an evening of whiskey and basking in the glow of pinball machines as they reflect off Dodge's beard.


We're huge fans of, where intrepid foodspotters from across the globe post photos of their meals, and we often check in to see what's been spotted in Larryville (mostly gourmet burgers). Our recent visit to the site uncovered this startling photo, of the Jolly Green Giant chowing down on palaak paneer at India Palace. Identify that Giant and win a beer. Ho ho ho!

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Debbi said...

Clearly I'm behind on my blog reading. (Do you post links to these on Twitter and I just miss them?)

You can see half of my head behind the green elf hat. Carlos SANTAna is leading the parade. And Elvis? That would be my husband.

You guys missed a good time! The Replay was good to us!