Thursday, December 2, 2010

Checking In With Style Scout and the Rangelife Records Best-of-the-Year List

When you are picking up your Rustic Italian Round down at Wheatfields, do you ever wonder what's on the mind of the man who bakes your beloved bread? Today's Style Scout has answers.

Willie Stein describes his style as that of "a pretentious French intellectual who got Freaky Friday-ed into the body of a teenage grind-core fan who sometimes takes on a third identity as a pro-cyclist." He'd like to see more "well-read Leftists" in town (Chip: "Go to the Pig, Willie!") and would like to see less "fake haute-cuisine downtown that [manages] to trick people into thinking that spending more money equals better food." (is that a potshot at Mr. Krause?). Stein's fashion influences are "Inspector Clouseau, David Vincent from Morbid Angel, and Mario Cipollini."

Nicely Scouted, Style Scout. Now how about a look into the hopes and dreams of the man who fries our Wednesday night Wheatfields chicken?


For three years running, the folks at Rangelife Records have been delighting us with year-end picks of their favorite songs. #3 among this year's picks is from Zaguar, who considers the Seams remix of "You" by Gold Panda:

"The sleight of hand he does with the weaving rhythms between 2:40 and 3:20 is the freshest and most fun electronic music got in 2010."

Zaguar must have forgotten that the Transmittens We Disappear, with its lovely bleeps and bloops, was released earlier this year. Otherwise, great choice!

Go here to check out the Rangelife picks (and send in submissions of your own):

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