Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hero of the Week: David Booth / Spot That NEON Scenester!

As you've no doubt heard, KU alumni David Booth paid a (perfectly reasonable) $4.3 million dollars yesterday at a Sotheby's auction to secure for KU an original copy of Naismith's 13 rules of basketball (a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln went for slightly less).

The rules will be displayed in an as-yet-to-be-decided place at the university.

Exciting news, yet a few essential items of KU basketball memorabilia are yet to be secured. We particularly hope the university can obtain the knife from Giddens' legendary Moon Bar knife fight and the mysterious, never-released "evidence" from the Collins-pulls-his-cock-out-on-the-elevator incident.


A. Rusc.n has outdone herself with the "Party Pics" from Thursday's final night of NEON. Go to to check out all of them, but we offer a few of them here for your consideration. As always, identity the scenester and win a beer from the LC! Click to enlarge the photos.

Is this scenester dancing, or is she raising her hand to solve a problem in math class?

Chip: "This chick is about to get topless!"

The robot is never not hip. And is that a Rolling Rock can? We are pleased to see cans of High Life and Rolling Rock appearing more frequently on the scene.

A scenester in a nice sweater flashes a gang sign. We aren't afraid. And his girlfriend seems appropriately embarrassed.


Capt Chanute said...

The jerk off doing the robot is a CJ Kie, kickball extraordinaire. And yes, that is his best dance move. Very anti-establishment hip.

The fourth picture is Sean. He has no last name, but he plays kickball also and sits next to cute girls in picture. Hip indeed. He also makes pretty sweet remixes of 80s songs and TV themes.

What can I say, the Capt knows his scenesters...

bestower of beers said...

Two Rolling Rocks (in cans) for the Captain!

@BARRR said...

If you made it to the secret stand up'd know that is Sean from Baiowolf! He was the 2nd funniest person there....

Jesus doesn't Shave said...

Please disuss the hipster church here in town...ha! VINTAGE CHURCH

churchgoing hipster said...

Thanks for the suggestion. We may well visit the church for an in-depth study in the near future. (we were hoping the church was actually located inside Wild Man Vintage, but it looks hip enough anyway).