Monday, December 13, 2010

The LC's "Best of 2010" Series Begins! / Holiday Gift Guide

Readers, we won't bore you with a bunch of Top Ten lists, but we can't resist a chance to zero in on a few of the things we found most hip, most fascinating, and most boner-inducing this past year.

Book of the Year: The choice is obvious. Franzen's Freedom provided a sobering tour of the modern moment that (a) left us very concerned about mountaintop removal and (b) provided us with a new euphemism for boner that we'll no doubt be using for years to come: "protruding pencil of tenderness."

Song of the Year: We could join the rest of the blogosphere and proclaim the genius of Kanye here, but we won't. The song that moved us most this year is the "LC Theme Song", in which the mysterious local hipster-pimp Sugar Dick, backed by the estimable Leotards, "toasts" (reggae-style) the local establishments that help to keep us hip. Please download from our sidebar and add to your end-of-the-year mixtapes.

Runner-up: Transmittens' We Disappear. Now that our twee friends have moved on to bigger, less twee projects with Seapony, this may well be your last chance to hear them at their bleepy and bloopy best. Don't miss it:

Film of the Year: Admittedly, we haven't actually seen Black Swan yet, due to the fact that Hollywood believes Middle America is composed entirely of rubes who won't even consider seeing a film about ballet. But we think it's safe to assume that any movie containing a Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis love scene is surely the year's best. It's certainly made our pencils protrude with tenderness, if you catch our meaning.

Chip: "Wait. This is a movie about ballet?"


Sure, local establishments such as Free State, the Replay, and Quintons offer T-shirts that make nice gifts, but why can't these venues get a little more original. Take KC's Knuckleheads, for example, which is selling thongs that read "Take me to Knuckleheads for some blues." Why can't the Replay sell a thong with a PBR can on it, possibly containing a pulltab?

Order your blues thongs here:

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