Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stop Day Eve / Scenester Pick of the Day: NEON Comes To An End

Stop Day Eve may not mean much to our scenester and townie readers, but we'd be remiss not to mention one of Larryville's most tradionally debaucherous evenings for KU students, in which local scholars take a much-deserved break from their studies before finals to get well and truly hammered. Here are three facts you may not know:

1) More people get laid on Stop Day Eve in Larryville than on any other day except Halloween (which easily wins due to the inspiration of all the slutty costumes).

2) More Jager shots are poured today than any other day.

3) Richard once spotted a drunken sorostitute lying on her back in the rain like a turtle (Chip: "A sexy turtle") along Ohio Street one Stop Day Eve. Our friend Dr. C tried to help her, but she was beyond help. However, we're pretty sure she didn't drown. Yes, we've told this story many times before, but you may have forgotten about it.


It will be a bittersweet evening for scenesters as Larryville's longest-running dance party, NEON, comes to an end after nine years and various locations. See you on the dancefloor at the Jackpot!

You can read a piece on the history of NEON and tonight's grand finale at, which contains passages such as this:

" [DJ's] Morales and Cruz have seen it all over the years: people stealing money out of the bar’s cash register, couples having sex in the middle of the dancefloor and four (four!) wedding proposals."

Chip: "Sadly, I can't claim to have had full-on sex on the dancefloor at NEON, but I HAVE had my boner out on several occasions, for various reasons."

Read the story here:


Anonymous said...

When did public sex stop being popular? One would hope that NEON will be replaced with a weekly low-lit wine and cheese event, where people make dinner reservations and gather to watch complete strangers screw in various positions. We'll call it FUCK. Which will be an acronym for something nobody will readily remember.

Sexy Turtle Turner said...

Stop day eve is pretty awesome. Memories . . .

My freshmen always used to think NEON was so cool, but I never went.

I think there should be some kind of competitive angle to FUCK. We'd call it the FUCK-Off. And everyone would have to register in teams, but would be eliminated as individuals, so that the complete strangers would themselves be screwing complete strangers by the end of the night.

typical scenester said...

I'd totally attend the FUCK event. If the cover was reasonable. And by reasonable I mean never more than three dollars.

@BARRR said...

I definetely saw people having sex during a Neon...8 years ago...yikes