Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The LC's Best of 2010 Continues (Local Edition) / An LC Teaser Trailer

Lawrence.com is bringing back its "Best of Lawrence" awards this year, but we aren't fully satisfied with their categories and nominees (HOW did the Tap Room get left out of the "Best Place for a Date" category?). So this week we offer a few choices of our own. Feel free to submit alternate categories and winners in our comments section, and we might just print them on the main page if they make us laugh and/or give us a boner.

Most terrifying local moment: April 14 started out like any other. You were all hanging out on the Free State patio, enjoying a peaceful, sunny afternoon, when your beer-fueled reveries were shattered by the rude arrival of Larryville's most-feared hobo, a man known only as Horse Shit, who attacked the brewery with a railroad spike before being heroically subdued by one Mr. Craig Hoffman. Thanks again, Craig. You win our Hero of the Year award!

Most important local scenester event: Sure, October's GarageFest may have been the hipster event of the year, but the "you had to be there" moment of the year was easily Janelle Monae's triumphant "homecoming" show at Liberty Hall. If you weren't there, it's a miracle we still associate with you at all.

Hottest local blogger: The boys lobbied hard to win this award themselves, but let's face facts. This category belongs to (newly-blonde) Katy Seibel over at Kansas Couture. Go visit her blog and see if you agree:


Best new restaurant: No, we're not going with Esquina or the Burger Stand at the Casbah or 715 (when did those open anyway). We're going with Oh Boy Chicken. The boys have been wanting a downtown fried chicken joint for years now, and their dreams have finally become a (delicious) reality.

Chip: "The irony that Oh Boy replaced the 10th Street Vegetarian Bistro is almost as delicious as the chicken. In fact, the only problem I have with Oh Boy is that their chicken is gluten-free, and I tend to like extra gluten in my chicken."

You should follow Oh Boy on Twitter (since they don't seem to have an actual website):


Best addition to the local scene: This one is easy. Larryville's Final Fridays Art Walk has done a great service by providing us a monthly opportunity to talk pompously about art not just in the expected locations but in a multitude of venues. Our only wish is for the event to get just a little...weirder. Come on, Larryville!


Readers, we're very excited about a new column slated to debut soon at the LC in which everyone's favorite new guest columnist, Tweetnastyy, will answer your questions about Larryville life and love (and lust and boners and all manner of sexual escapades). We encourage you to submit potential questions in our comments section and, if you're lucky, maybe they'll be selected for "Ask Tweetnastyy!"


Capt Baryshnikov said...

This Midwestern rube will be first in line to see anything Darren Aronofsky puts on celluloid. It's not enough that his stories are fuckin stellar but the dizzying cinematography and vivid visuals make his films a truly unique treat. Dark Swan, here I come. Likely during the make out scene.

Horndog and Tots said...

Tweetnastyy: Why did Katy go blonde? Is it because they have more fun? And what is with the Twiggy do? Does that mean orgies will soon be all the rage? Should I grow a mustache, get oils and lotions, and install mirrors on my ceiling?

westy coastyy said...

i wish lawrence.com didn't spend so much time making useless google maps of all of the nominees and instead spent time updating their horribly out of date website. wtf.

Chip said...

If there's any justice, the L.com award for "Best Live Music" venue will go to the Barrel House!