Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Bongos, Wild Ponies, Dewey Decimator, and More

An inside source from the Harpoon Presents gang tells us that LA's Brock Wilbur "may be our most famous comedian yet" at the Good Time series at the Replay.  Check out his site here.  Plus,  we also expect some jokes about moving and dumpster diving because our local comedians have to keep shit topical in LFK.  Also, Mr. Will Averill is on the showcase slate tonight, so chances are better than usual that we might get a reference to Jimboy in the ceiling at Muncher's. And there's tacos too.  Best $2 event in town tonight. The FB event page is here.

Bongo-Tini is back at Frank's tonight for another early 7:00-9:00 slot and it's going to be a regular Final Thursday event.  Hop in that conga line, dummies!  "Bachelor pad jazz" is so fucking hot right now!

Readers, do you like "dead right, honest songwriting delivered in a hauntingly beautiful yet gritty, neo-traditional Americana wrapper."  How about "songs about a place where old time religion, superstition, run down bars, gravel parking lots and boarded up factories all mingle together?"  

Well, we certainly like these things. Check out Nashville's Wild Ponies as they gallop into the Bottleneck tonight. Give them a "like" on Facebook here and read the full blurbs instead of just the excerpts we snagged above.

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Our pal @DeweyDecimator1, the libary's tweeting car, is painted up and ready to smash at Friday's Demolition Derby.  We're guessing Miss Linda (pictured below) won't actually be the one driving it in the competition.

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What's up at the Replay this weekend, music-wise?   And where's the usual Friday matinee?  And will they ever turn over their Twitter account to us, as rumored, so we can keep the Twitter-world informed with convenient links and a dose of snark?  You can find out the answers to (some of) these things if you're willing to do a lot more clicking around on the interwebs than should really be required.

And there are also some cool bands at the Gaslight every night this weekend but we need flyers or better FB event pages before it does us much good to list them here.

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