Monday, July 21, 2014

Very Special All-Ages Blog Post: Rock and Roll; Derby Cars; and Ghostbusters

Looking for something to entertain your teens and tweens on a hot and sweaty Monday evening in LFK.  Well, drop them off at the Replay around 6:00 pm and let them get a dose of furious rock and roll with LFK's Black on Black and Westerners along with Toronto's The Greys.  Sure, your teens might return home mildly bruised and battered, nearly deaf, and smelling suspiciously of PBR, but it will serve them well in the long run.  The FB event page is here


If there's one thing teens love, it's mayhem and destruction, so they'll want to take part in several events related to the ever-popular demolition derby at the Douglas County Fair and sponsored by Lawrence Library and Lawrence Magazine.  Teens can paint a library-sponsored derby car cleverly named "The Dewey Decimator" and the rest of us can follow along as Dewey himself chronicles his progress toward the derby via the Twitter account @DeweyDecimator1.  He's voiced by local Twitter prankster Brittany Keegan from Watkins Museum, so you can expect some good stuff here.  Example:

"It's very pleasant to break something from time to time."- Dostoyevsky. My life motto. August 1st, the fairgrounds

This poster lists the relevant event dates:


And did you know the NEW LIBRARY opens THIS coming weekend? Of course you did.  And we all know that you can't open a new library in LFK without screening Ghostbusters on a giant inflatable screen in the middle of the street on a Saturday night with a bunch of beer and food vendors scattered around.  The film happens about 9:00 pm on Saturday with food and beer festivities beginning around 7:00.  See you there.

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