Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: World Records in LFK; New Video From Noise FM; "Abortion Comedies"

LFK is already home to one very important world record: our fair city dished up the "World's Largest Serving of Nachos" at the Kansas Relays a few years back.

Later this month our pal Mike Anderson at the Not So Late Show will attempt to set another world record. He's going for "Longest Marathon TV Talk Show."  Yep, he'll be hosting for 66 straight hours and he's in need of guests and audience members, since 10 people must be in the crowd at all times.  Please help him out in this important mission by signing up here for a four hour block.  You can do this, LFK!



LFK only averages one or two Noise FM shows per year since the boys moved to Chicago, but now you can relive the "sticky sweaty mess*" of their live shows over and over via this new video for "The Road Warrior."  For a song with "genocide" appearing in one of the first lines, it's VERY danceable!

[*Quote taken from Chip's review of an early Noise FM set].


Are you looking for a hip new film genre to embrace?  Consider the "abortion comedy."  The buzzy new indie Obvious Child opens this Friday at Liberty Hall.  We caught it last week in KC.  If it's ultimately a little more conventional and a little less edgy than it thinks it is, who cares really, because Jenny Slate fucking SLAYS in this film.  You will probably like it.  And, in the wake, of the recent Hobby Lobby decision, it may even feel important.

This overheated poster calls it an "instant landmark moment in cultural history."

But let's not forget that the gold standard in the "abortion comedy" genre was set long before the genre was ever named:  Alexander Payne's still-sadly-underseen Citizen Ruth, which is truly a take-no-prisoners look at the subject (though not a traditional rom-com).

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