Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend Picks: Fireworks, Music, Movies

Well, it's another 4th of July weekend in LFK and the LFKPD have made it very clear in statements this week that they have no fucking clue how  to enforce the city's fireworks ban but still kindly ask you NOT to shoot them.  So that means...blast away! 

The city hosts its annual Party in the Park at Watson Park before the official fireworks extravaganza.  There are bands playing:  The Dead Ringers, Pink Royal, The Phantastics, Carswell & Hope, and Mustard.  And there's talk of buskers.  They just can't be avoided these days.

And head down to the Replay late and try not to cry too much when you remember that Fourth of July doesn't live here anymore to play their annual show.  Instead you'll find Gnarly Davidson, who will make some furious noise that's a far cry from the pop bliss that greeted you there last year.  Oh well.  Things must change. Even in LFK. (Note: you'll find Gnarly Davidson there again on Saturday...perhaps they've inherited Psychic Heat's tendency to play multiple shows each weekend). 


Saturday...there's probably something going on too.  Not sure what.  We're hoping to catch Snowpiercer at Liberty Hall.  It's going to be good.

Recent Sunday bookings at the Replay patio show have featured a lot of sad-bastard solo performers for some reason. It makes no sense, since Sunday afternoon Replay crowds are made up of old folks and families who want to dance.  But that won't be a problem this Sunday.  Catch the matinee honkytonk stylings of our pals in Cryin' Out Loud.  Wear your dancing boots.  Details here.

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