Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nerd Nite Summer Shorts 2 Recap / Weekend Picks: JabberJosh Retires and ASSJAMZ Returns

Oddly enough, Nerd Nite's 2nd annual Summer SHORTS was possibly the LONGEST Nerd Nite yet, stretching on well-beyond 10:00 pm.  It was also the most crowded (estimated at about 170), with at least a few people being turned away from the ballroom.   Will the nerds have to move again to even larger quarters?   And where would that be? The damn Lied Center?  We'll see.

Here are a few quick observations on a few of the 3(ish) minute presentations:

--Could there have been a better choice to kick off the evening than some thoughts on Kansas populism from LFK legend Boog?  No.

--Great to see an update from Paul on the prairie chicken, but that poor embattled bird really deserves more than three minutes.  Prairie chickens just can't catch a break.  (Early in the evening, nerds got very excited when Paul entered with a bag that we all sincerely hoped contained a live prairie chicken.  It didn't).

--For such an innocent-seeming gal, that Lindsey sure does talk about a lot of disgusting things, such as worms coming out of people's legs and whatnot.  How about a presentation on fuzzy little kitties next time?

--Big laughs in Erin's presentation on Megalodon, including a reference to Free State beer changing their fries!

--Who was that guy doing the Mumblecore presentation?  He seemed okay.

Final thoughts:  seriously, though, why was this thing so fucking long?  The Q&A should probably be shortened.  How about one question for each presenter?  And the length requirement should probably be policed a little more carefully.  We're still in favor of ringing a gong if you hit that upper limit!


It's Thursday night!  Who's ready for dick jokes?? Or possibly some "incest porn" material from Leigh Nelson?  Head down to the Replay.  We stopped by last week and we can assure you that it's become a true scene.  Congrats, Harpoon Presents!  We never thought you'd consistently get scenesters to pack the bar for early events.  The FB event page is here.

Our old friends from Atomic Pajama Party pop up at the Jackpot tonight, along with a weird 3-piece synth band from Manhattan, Kansas called Echopod whose band members have names like Luminous Neon. Here's an old blurb from the former Hype Weekly in Manhattan:

"Echopod is one of the oldest bands in Kansas, if you include their gastropodian overlord who has existed longer than time itself. The rest of the band formed a year-and-a-half ago, joining forces in order to translate their namesake's trinary cyber-transmissions into the human-understandable language of music. It is unclear exactly how the human members of Echopod receive these missives from outer space, but those close to them suspect a secret ritual involving copious amounts of whiskey."

And there's a real shitkicker of a matinee at the Replay on Friday with Bloodshot Bill, backed by the Cowtown Playboys.  This could be good.

While we're kicking shit with Bloodshot Bill, the cool kids will be down the street at the Jabberjosh "retirement show" at Love Garden.  Muscle Worship opens, presumably with a nice quiet set for such an intimate venue.

Free State Brewery hosts an open house at the production brewery in ELFK on Saturday afternoon from 1:00-4:00.  There's no flyer, but there's a FB event page here.  The art work from the kick-ass Burroughs souvenir glass will be on display out there.

And Chip's favorite LFK event is at the Granada on Saturday:  ASSJAMZ!

Chip: "I just want to dance."

227 people are going so far.  Will you join them. Click here

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Lindsey said...

I talked about fluffy little kitties last time. They just had parasites.