Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Hank Charcuterie in LFK; Rock Art at Science on Tap; DNA Art at New LPL

Local foodies were ecstatic to spot this FB message popping up this week from the long-awaited Hank Charcuterie:

"We will finally be open next Wednesday the 23rd from 11-7. Some stuff won't be done yet. We will have lots of sausage, chops, and pate."

Between Hank, Alchemy Coffee, Dapper Dillon's, Cottin's farmer's market, and On the Rocks, the 19th and Mass area has just about everything an LFK scenester gourmand needs these days.

So head down tomorrow and get your chops on! (and some of you may want to avert your eyes from the second pic we snagged from their FB page).



We've never been fond of the space or set-up for the Science on Tap events at Free State Brewery, but we like that nerds assemble to drink beer and talk science.   At first we hoped tonight's "rock art" topic would deal with concert posters but, sadly, it's about ancient carvings in Saudi Arabia.  Could be good though!  Check out the details here.  Presentation begins at 7:30.

Pretty sure we've spotted a flyer which we can't currently locate.

Photo snagged from biodiversity.ku.edu:

 Secrets in Stone: Deciphering Ancient Arabian Rock Art


Since it's NEW LIBRARY WEEK in LFK, we have to showcase something about the soon-to-open new space.  Even though we haven't seen it in person yet, we already like the DNA-strand artwork in the atrium.  Check out Nadia's LJ-World article on the new library art. 

Who all (besides us?) plans to camp out to be among the first to enter the new building this weekend?

Photo via Mike Yoder in LJ-World:

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