Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy; Tape Releases; "Guestsploitation"; No Man's Band; And More

If it's Thursday, you know it's time for cock-talk and tacos. Head to "Good Time" at the Replay this evening.  FB event page here.


Stick around late for a tape release show from LFK's Arc Flash and Ex Specter.  Also on the bill: KC's always-awesome Schwervon!!

(As always, we had to add an extra exclamation point because Schwervon! contains one already).

The FB event page is here.


Also tonight: Liberty Hall offers the second serving of their "Guestsploitation" series with Best In Show at 7:00.  Details here.


While carousing recently at the Replay, we met one of the ladies from LFK's all-female bluegrass outfit No Man's Band. She seemed delightful.  She wants us (and you!) to come to their show on the Bottleneck on Friday.  Details here.  Give them a "like" on FB here.  We're certain that the band in action will look exactly like the photo below.



And our friends from I Heart Local Music have a Jackpot showcase show on Saturday with a nice triple bill of KC bands:  The Conquerors, Mat Shoare, and Rev Gusto.  Good poster too!  Visit the FB event page here.

That's all we've got for you, really.  What did we miss?

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