Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Scenester Picks: Blazing Saddles, Tubas, Floozies, Jazz Cats, and More

It's been too cold to blog consistently this week, but here are some weekend picks for when it warms up into the toasty 20s.

It's time to whip it out this evening at Liberty Hall.  Your wallet, that is.  To buy tickets to a screening of Blazing Saddles.

Our friends in Olassa will be heating things up at the Jazzhaus tomorrow night, fucking tuba-style!  40 Watt Dreams shares the bill.

Not many LFK bands are successful enough to book two weekend nights at the Bottleneck.  But The Floozies are.  We interviewed them about drugs and hippies way back in the long-ago days of 2012. Read it here.


We made it over to Frank's North Star last night for the Burroughs' birthday bash despite a foot of snow, where we heard CX Luxem twiddling knobs and making funny noises in the cockfighting pit and a guy upstairs strolling around singing "free poetry" while swilling a Coors tallboy. Also, an old friend of Burroughs told us a terrific talking-dog-in-a-bar joke.  We also tried that sour Burroughser-Weisse beer.  Not our thing, but man do we want one of those commemorative glasses (which were sold out at both Free State and Frank's by the time we arrived even though we arrived pretty early at both places).

The Burroughs-related fun continues at the LAC on Saturday with a staged-reading of The Nervous Set, "a jazz musical from the beat generation."  It's free but (confusingly) tickets are required.  Reserve yours via the LAC site here


It's not a weekend at the Replay without at least one Psychic Heat show.  They're opening for an " ice cold garage/r&b/soul/rock & roll indie band from Madison, WI" called Cowboy Winter on Saturday (quote via   Here is their intriguing Magic or Tragic album cover:

Magic Or Tragic cover art

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