Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Four Valentine's Day Picks: Percolator's Pot O'Honey; Princess Bride at Liberty Hall; "Heart on For You" at Bottleneck; Jayhawkers at the Lied

The Percolator is hosting their annual Valentine's Day Pot O'Honey "all-women's showcase" on Friday, featuring such acts as Katie and Mike (Truckstop Honeymoon) and the amusingly named Ovaries-eez.

Our pal King Tosser, not a woman, is also on the bill. He'll be playing with Debbie, a woman, and Rick from Heebie Jeebies from 8:00-8:15. Check out his tune "I Will Never Drink Again" via Soundcloud.  (spoiler alert:  he'll almost certainly drink again, and even during the short set).  And you should also check out this King Tosser/Debbie tune called "Flutatious," which we suspect Peter Jackson may use during the third Hobbit film. 

Visit the FB event page here and scroll down the comments for a list of set times. The page doesn't have a flyer, but it does have this:


Liberty Hall is screening Princess Bride at 8:00 on Friday.   Anything less than a packed house is "INCONCEIVABLE!"  Get it? Get it?


Chip's vote for the best title of any local Valentine's Day event goes to the Bottleneck's  "Heart On For You" variety show.  Our friends Olassa are there, as well as a band called "Godchillionaire," which we're guessing is the same band recently called "Godzillionaire?"  Or maybe not.


And there will always be a significant contingent in LFK who prefer basketball to romance.   Kevin Wilmott's long-awaited Wilt Chamberlain film Jayhawkers premieres at the Lied Center on Friday (and runs throughout the weekend there).  Too bad the film doesn't cover the romantic era of  his life where he banged a spectacular amount of women.

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