Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekend Funny Business: Big Joe Medicine Show at Pool Room (??) and Jokelahoma at Frank's / Film Church: Terence Malick's Badlands

Local comedy fans certainly remember Victor Continental's bodyguard ("Hi, Big Joe!").  Our pals at Card Table Productions are hosting a shindig on Friday to help him with some medical expenses.  There will be comedy, music, and Shitty Deal Puppets: what more do you need?  Plus, it's at a strange location:  The Pool Room.  Perhaps we'll finally get to the bottom of whatever happened to Barnyard Beer, which operated for a time behind the Pool Room before the Barnyard boys suddenly disappeared entirely (our best theory: jail). And this is also very close to Jimboy's stomping grounds (or "crawling" grounds).  Keep an eye on the ceiling for LFK's master criminal!

Visit the FB event page here.

 More laughs are on tap at Frank's on Saturday as Peter and Chance and the gang at Harpoon Presents serve up "Jokelahoma" at this month's Comedy Freakout.  As you might guess, it features some comics from Oklahoma.  And can you name all the famous Oklahomans on the flyer?  Visit the FB event page here.


Less hilarious is Terence Malick's 1973 Badlands at Film Church at Liberty on Sunday evening at 7:00.  We're willing to bet that there will be significantly fewer people here than at the Princess Bride screening last week.  Oh well.  Their loss. Because Badlands is fucking outstanding.   Plus, Liberty surely made enough money with Bride that they can afford to screen some Malick on occasion for a handful of film nerds.  Here's the FB event page.

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