Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Blizzard Picks: She's a Keeper and Rev Gusto and Connor Liemer and The Fox and the Bird and the Oscars

With storm predictions ranging everywhere from a few inches of sleet to 20+ inches of snow, it's a safe bet most of your weekend is fucked. But here are a few options in case you're bold or dumb enough to hit the town.

The Fox and the Bird head up from Texas for an early Replay matinee with local pickers and grinners Sunflower Colonels.  Hope they packed their heavy coats.

Three good KC bands take over the Granada on Saturday, with She's a Keeper headlining, buzzy new folkies Connor Liemer in the middle, and our pals Rev Gusto kicking off the hijinks about 8:00.  There's a FB event page here.

And watch 12 Years a Slave and McConaughy  snag their Oscars down at Liberty Hall on Sunday night right in the heart of the blizzard.  (sadly, we suspect this event is pretty iffy if the forecasts hold up).

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