Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Horror Remix is Baked / The Noise FM's Sexy New Video/ Plus: KU vs. I'm Schmacked

It's cold and gray in LFK, and probably a good day to get baked and head down to Horror Remix is Baked at the Bottleneck.  Watch  the trailer via Vimeo. We're not sure what films are being shown, but apparently there's a puppet and an invisible dog, so it should be pretty cool.

The other thing you've GOT to see today is the premiere of our pals' Noise FM's new video "Keep Me In the Dark." Watch it here via Redeye Chicago.  The Noise Boys are even better dancers than we imagined!

Here they are looking snazzy in a photo snagged from their Facebook page.  They'll be in town soon (back at the Replay this time!) for a pre-SXSW show on March 8th.  Hopefully they'll stop by the blog to say some funny shit.

Something we'd LIKE to watch but CAN'T is an I'm Shmacked video about KU.  Apparently the campus and community banded together from keeping the site's film crews from shooting any debaucherous hijinks in the city last week.  According to an LJ-World article, even the Hawk didn't welcome the film crew (and this is a place where people sometimes bang in public in the Boom Boom Room, for fuck's sake).   Chip is really bummed.

Oh well.  We'll just watch this I'm Shmacked video from Madison, Wisconsin instead since KU turned down a really cool recruiting tool.

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