Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Local Boy Makes Good: BARRR Meets Pauly Shore / Taco Zone at the Replay / Scenester Nostalgia with Pixies and Neutral Milk Hotel

Some celebrity encounters just seem fated to happen.  When you think about it, it's really more surprising that it took THIS long for BARRR and Pauly Shore to cross paths.

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If you missed all the buzz about this glorious union last week, it all came about due to BARRR's appearance on KC Live, where he painted a fine portrait of Walt Disney (which may or may not have one of BARRR's signature "demon penises" hidden within it).  You can catch videos of BARRR working his magic here (make sure to click through to see both Youtube videos).

We hear rumors that BARRR and Pauly have some projects lined up together soon!

For more celebrity action, check out BARRR's new ADD podcast with Ethan Embry, just posted yesterday via Fartlyfe here.  During the course of the recording, they hear the breaking news about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.

Older scenesters fondly remember the days when the Replay dished out food on a regular basis.  And of course we've had a grillmaster on hand for Replay patio shows for a number of years (though not always consistently on hand).  The next era of Replay food begins soon when Taco Zone, "a traditional taqueria specializing in slow braised, hand crafted tacos," opens up on March 6.  Oh baby.  Springtime, patio shows, PBR, and tacos.  It's almost enough to make you forget there is still a damn foot of snow on the ground. Check out the Taco Zone FB page here, where we snagged this photo of the sign:


It's a big week for scenester nostalgia in KC.  The (Kim Deal-less) Pixies and Cults are at the Midland tonight.

Chip: "I wonder if Pixies will play any of their older stuff?"

The coolest kids will leave after Cults.

And Neutral Milk Hotel hit the Uptown on Thursday.  That's right.  The full band.  We caught Mangum's ultra-buzzy, ultra-sold out solo set at Liberty last year and found it fascinating but (frankly) a little dull: read our recap here.  Presumably the full-band sound at the Uptown will make it more than worth the trek for the huge contingent of besotted LFK scenesters heading over.

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