Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wednesday Scenester Picks: Celebrate Burroughs' 100th Birthday With Bashes and Burroughser-Weisse Beer and More

Sure, there's likely to be a fucking FOOT of snow on the ground, but Larryville's hardened scenesters plan to celebrate William Burroughs' 100th birthday in a number of ways tomorrow.

The most academic (and booze-free) of the events is scheduled at KU at the Spencer at 5:30.  It features readings and birthday cake.  We're not sure if the possibility of another KU cancellation will also cancel this event?  The FB event page is here.

Free State has crafted a beer called Borroughser Weisse to celebrate the occasion:

"Based on the Berliner Weisse style known for a sour, tart finish that drinkers have historically tempered with the addition of Raspberry or Woodruff syrup, Burroughser Weisse amps up the tartness a bit with a bold addition of Hibiscus Flowers to the kettle, resulting in a bright fuschia color in this crisp and refreshing ale."

Photo and info via Free State Facebook page:

Across the river, Frank's North Star is hosting a 100th birthday bash for Burroughs.  Below is Yuri Zupancic's art work from the FB event page and the list of activities for the event.  We're told that Frank will also have the Burroughs beer on hand (as well as Boulevard Chocolate Ale).

7pm- Doors Open
Appetizers by Culinaria

8:00- Mau Bones
8:45- Erica Hunter
9:00- CS Luxem
9:45- Christopher Enneking/ Jessica Elise
10:00- Owl People
10:45- Megan McHenry/ Martinez Hillard
11:10- Scarlet Harlot of Foxy By Proxy Revue
11:30- Aurograph

And if you're feeling even freakier, call the number below and head to this event somewhere in SW Kansas near Liberal this weekend. 

There's also been talk of "guerrilla-style" Burroughs readings from PBR Book Club tomorrow, likely at the Pig. 

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