Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Comedy Pick: Real Newz at Fatso's / LFK Threatens Secession

LFK's comedy scene is booming right now, but  you can't consistently count on its comics to address the important issues of the day (mostly they just make dick jokes).  Will that change with tonight's debut of "Real Newz" at Fatso's, which will feature live comedy along with prerecorded special reports? Is this destined to be The Daily Show of LFK?  According to the FB event page, "Some of Lawrence's funniest comedians will tell you all that you need to know about the world."  Presumably they'll be addressing Kansas House Bill 2453 (or at least they better).  But if that's too heavy for you, hopefully Rob Schulte's segment "The Human Side of Lawrence" will profile some adorable and eccentric LFK characters (such as Chip, and maybe the guy who wears a cow suit sometimes, and obviously Dennis and Sheryl).

It's not unusual for Lawrence progressives to threaten secession from conservative Kansas, but HB 2453 got a few people so riled up that they made a FB page about LFK's need to secede.  Check out the Lawrencians Organisation for Secession from Topeka here.  So far it only has 11 members but, hey, sometimes change is slow.  So far, they've declared the Bottleneck the new State Capitol.

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