Monday, March 3, 2014

Fat Tuesday Picks: Comedy (Without Tacos) and Archie Powell and the Exports at Replay / We Learn of Macauley Culkin's Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday in LFK and you'll probably be drinking all day (and possibly attending this year's very chillly Mardi Gras parade in the morning).  But squeeze in a nap and head back to the Replay for a double-dose of fun.

There's an early "No Tacos" comedy show with Peter Lyrene, Ed Parker, Leigh Nelson, Will Averill, and more (but the taco-slinging era of the Replay kicks off soon!!). Visit the No Tacos FB event page here. Comedy in LFK is definitely booming right now.  We stopped by a comedy matinee at the Jazzhaus (of all places!) last week to hear tales of incest porn and "distinguished balls."


Then stick around for  late-night fun with Archie Powell and the Exports ("Chicago's reigning kings of beer-fueled, noisy pop rock") along with Chicago's The Damn Choir and our local friends Something and the Whatevers, who promise to play some covers from their favorite local bands (interesting).   

Like most bands this time of year, these jokers are all headed toward Austin for SXSW where Something and the Whatevers are playing a show with a new(ish) band featuring Macauley Culkin called The Pizza Underground, which apparently sings Velvet Underground songs with lyrics about pizza.  True.  We've requested exclusive pics of Quinton sharing a slice with Macauley.

Visit the FB event page for the Replay show here.

Pizza Underground via Youtube and photo via AceShowbiz:

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