Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Scenester Pick: Schwervon / Checking In With KVKL

Readers, we know you got hammered at the Shannon and the Clams show last night, but obviously you've got to do it all over again tonight for kickball and the big Schwervon/Pale Hearts/Organ Loaners show at Replay.

Schwervon is a NY two-piece who are now settled in KC and we're loving adorable songs such as "Cougar Pride" and "Dog Got Your Cat Tongue."   Plus, they have a cat named Gummo, so that's pretty cool.  Check 'em out on Bandcamp.   Also, we stumbled across the term "cuddle-punk" in our Schwervon research (perhaps we'd heard it before in connection to bands like Moldy Peaches but somehow we'd forgotten it?  we won't forget again).  

According to the FB event page, at least 38 of your hippest friends will be on hand and ready to cuddle.

And the other bands?  Well,  of course you know Pale Hearts already.  We think the biggest Pale Hearts fan in town is our friend @Punnilingus. Maybe he'll become their official biographer one day.

And what about Organ Loaners? According to their FB page they are "your basic, run-of-the-mill experimental, Jungian attic rock trio."  They had us at "Jungian."



We haven't been to a Game of the Week since the Late Fees took the field a few weeks back, so let's check in with our friends at Sunday(s) in the Park to see who's been winning the funny awards the blog has been bestowing this season (we don't really care who's been winning the games).

Two of our favorites:

"Cutest dog: Mr. Bojangles, spotted after the Brew Ballers/MUrda game; a little keg on legs, who could resist a dog with a name like that."

"Shortest shorts: the girl in the sherbet colored Daisy Duke mom shorts at Holcom; didn’t catch your name but I also didn’t know that jean shorts could defy physics like that."

And this:

"Jamari Traylor of KU basketball notoriety threw out the first pitch for Game of the Week, yet again illustrating the vast reach that KVKL has in our community."

Hopefully someone can convince Wiggins to come by before the summer's over?

Tonight's match-up is the Harpies vs. Tellerdactyls.  Will the Harpies finally secure a win?  We're gonna dream big and say yes.

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