Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Picks: Science on Tap Gets Buggy and Trash Nite Goes Big

Readers, do you like learning new things in a booze-fueled environment but can't wait a few weeks for the next Nerd Nite.  We do.  So we're thinking of checking out Free State's Science on Tap this evening.   This month's presentation is called "400 Million Years on Six Legs:  Evolution of the Insects" and promises to enlighten attendees on "everything from the Jurassic love songs of katydids to giant fleas to the Age of the Insects."  It starts at 7:30 and we hope that Free State has brewed some kind of special beer made from cicadas for this event. 

"Jurassic Love Songs of Katydids" would also be a pretty great band name for an experimental project that just plays a bunch of nature sounds.  We'd totally check them out at SeedCo. 

Get some details on the event from the Kansas Natural History Museum site over here.


Afterwards, Trash Nite returns to the Bottleneck (while Horror Remix is on hiatus).   If you like giant monsters that are even weirder than the usual giant monsters, tonight is your night. Like Horror Remix, Trash Nite condenses these films into a more palatable experience, all "put together in the style of a mid-80s local TV broadcast."  Surely anything called Ganjasaurus Rex is worth your while (plus, Saurians and King Kung Fu and "kaiju-themed commercial breaks").  Smoke up in the alley and enjoy!  Visit the FB event page here for more info and to see a trailer for the event and to learn that 29 of your friends are totally getting drunk/high and watching giant monsters on a Tuesday.  The official Trash Nite site is here.


See you later in the week with Final Friday picks, such as HOTT SHEETS II:  HOTTER SHEETS (at Wonder Fair, obviously).

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