Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flyer of the Week and a Few Final Friday Picks But Mostly Not About Art

Our honky-tonk friends in Shawn Bruce and the Horsebite Tears are playing their final show at Friday's Replay matinee, and they put together a sweet flyer, especially sweet for the film buffs amongst us.  Bring some butter to this show, if you catch our (naughty) reference.  The "Last Twango" runs from 6:00-9:00.

Down the street at the same time, you can catch the Tour of Lawrence bicycle sprints, a popular summer event for several years now.  These are followed by a street party in front of the Sandbar with music from KC's The Rent (they seem to exist mostly on MySpace).  Visit the Tour of Lawrence site here for a full schedule of events.

2012 Tour of Lawrence

If you missed Young Drew's send-off party at the Jackpot last week, you've got another chance to say farewell at Love Garden, as his Bad Kids to the Front project plays a show with KC's Scammers. According to the FB event page, this is a rare LFK appearance by "the epic 21st century electronic/dance crooner," so you don't want to miss out.

Over in ELFK, our friends The Leotards are playing on a roof at 9th and Pennsylvania at around 8:30, directly across the street from Charlie's Eastside.  This show is so hip it's pretty much just word-of-mouth.  On a clear, hot night, you should be able to hear Stephanie Stix screaming "COCK" all over the city, but you'll want to be there in person to see if anyone falls off the roof, gets arrested for violating noise ordinances or public obscenity laws, etc.  We're told that the evening's "program" will begin with a classically trained upright bass player, followed by some folky business, followed by The Leotards.  There's art on display inside the house.  Be bold and check it out.

Here's the same picture of The Leotards we showed you last week:

And here's what King Tosser looks like when he's not being a rock star:


The place to be for late-night activities on Friday is ELFK's SeedCo, so head over there after the Leotards play.  It's a one-year anniversary bash for everyone's favorite warehouse featuring a bunch of bands such as Portland's Lovers and KC's Bloodbirds.  A $5-10 donation is requested for the show.  There will be booze available and (presumably) drugs. Anybody got any Molly? We want to dance. Visit the FB event page here to find out that 139 of your artsiest friends will be on hand.  There doesn't seem to be a flyer, which seems odd.


Oh, and there's also art going on for Final Fridays.  It's easy to forget that these days.  We remember loving the first installment of HOTT SHEETS at Wonder Fair, and they're bringing it back on Friday with HOTT SHEETS II: HOTTER SHEETS.  It's a delightful deconstruction of the arts scene.  Here's a long blurb from  FB event page that we're printing (almost) in full because we like it:

"Part group drawing exhibition, part economics experiment, and part art market critique, Hott Sheets features new works of art on paper prepared by artists from Lawrence and beyond. Of equal import in the exhibition are the confounding yellow worksheets displayed prominently alongside each work. Their purpose? In advance of the exhibition, each artist’s “Hott Sheet” was subjected to a rigorous and absurd value-determination process—a process that attempts to replicate, then subvert and implicate the dubious motivations that determine value in the highest reaches of International Fine Art Market. The resulting “value assessment methodology form” allows viewers to ponder both the physical work and its objective value side-by-side; and perhaps to consider whether they agree with the result."

Here's one of those yellow worksheets:


We might actually focus on some other art shows later in the week.

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