Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Sights and Sounds: SUPERMOON, Gandolfini, Honky-Tonk, and More

It's a slow summer Monday in LFK and we don't know of too much happening except for the Lawrence Tweetup, which hits the Replay this evening from 7:00-9:00.  Find some details here.  We've joined them before. They're friendlies.  Go and meet them and follow them on Twitter @ltwup . We wish they tweeted more often.

Now let's look at some photos of stuff we saw over the weekend.

We saw the SUPERMOON rise above the Mexican Fiesta on Friday.  Chip gazed upon it for about as long as Clark looks at the Grand Canyon in National Lampoon's Vacation.  And then he stuck his face right back into a plate of enchiladas.

We saw this sweet little altar for James Gandolfini at Liberty Hall's Film Church double-feature of Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs.  Nice job, Maggie!

Attendance was sadly quite poor for what should have been a packed one-year anniversary celebration of this great local film series.   Our friends at Liberty may not like this suggestion (because they want to keep the focus on the films above all else), but the truth is that they could easily get more people to come out if they really played up and pimped the food element of the proceedings.  People love to fucking eat! For instance, Burger Stand could have served up chicken and waffles for Jackie Brown (prominently referenced in the film) and Liberty's bartenders could have whipped up some Screwdrivers, as memorably ordered by Sam Jackson's Ordell in one scene: "Let me have a screwdriver, homes."  Just an idea, friends.


We saw Austin's Leo Rondeau and company playing a stellar set of country (and a few Cajun) tunes at the Replay on Sunday.  This was one of those $3 shows that ends up being more fun than most shows you pay $30 for.  Rondeau's a terrific songwriter:  our favorite was a country ballad whose chorus repeats "I'll never love again, I'll never love again.  But don't quote me on that" (the first lyric of the song is: "All these fat girls are sizing me up.").   The people-watching at the show was absolutely prime.  This ol' boy stationed himself near the band.  He reminded us of our grandpa.

The crowd could not help cutting a rug to Leo's songs.  Sunday Replay matinees are the best place in LFK to see children dancing alongside VERY drunk people who can barely stand up.  This guy had a tattoo on his forehead and we were so scared! But he seemed friendly enough. 

And this guy almost looks like he's part of the mural.  Oh shit. That's our pal King Tosser.

King Tosser himself also took the stage at the Replay over the weekend. It was the first matinee performance from The Leotards in a very long while (they were previously booked on Easter but not allowed to play that day because even the Replay deemed their songs "unholy").   If you haven't seen Stephanie Stix and King Tosser in action you're really missing...something.  We love the baffled looks of spectators after each song.  Most people politely applaud Stix's screamy/moany tales of six-foot dildoes and wanting to fuck your daughter tonight. After the daughter tune, our friend Cl.thier turned to us and asked: "Did she just say 'I want to fuck your daughter in the root cellar?"  Those aren't actually the lyrics, but there's a good chance that Stix will change them now, because it would make the song even creepier than it already is.

You can catch the Leotards this Friday performing on top of a house at the corner of 9th and Pennsylvania as part of the Final Friday festivities ("Who are the REAL Rooftop Vigilantes now?" asks King T).  Make sure to catch them quick, before the cops arrive.

Here they are:

And here is surely the best picture of the weekend:  Tyler Gregory looking absolutely beautific in a little unplugged encore performance in front of the stage.  The late-evening Replay sunlight really brings out the best in beards.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog. It's so compelling and truly captures the overall vibe and essence of Lawrence. One issue I have (and I know your main focus is really writing and beer and stuff) but maybe you could take some photos that aren't flip phone quality and look like they were taken by a five year old.