Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Scenester Pick: Life Drawing at Fatso's / IMAGINARY KANROCKSAS: The Complete Collection of Tweets

It's a lazy summer day in LFK and the weather is strangely gorgeous for July, so we'll be on the deck drinking PBR if you need us.  The only scenester event on our radar today is the Drink and Draw event at Fatso's, which we understand is quite popular these days with you artsy types.  Check out the FB event page here and ogle this cool flyer: 


As we all know, the second installment of the music festival known as Kanrocksas did NOT happen over the weekend due to poor advance ticket sales.  But what would the fest have looked like if it had indeed taken place?  Luckily, we live-tweeted the details of an #ImaginaryKanrocksas off and on throughout the weekend because we have too much time on our hands and we are so meta!   Here are the tweets collected together for posterity and for anyone bored enough to read them on a slow summer holiday week in LFK:

Just rolled into Kanrocksas. It looks like the Wally World parking lot from Vacation out here.

To compensate for poor ticket sales, a beer now costs $42.

 There's almost no one here but us and She and Him. Zooey looks confused and a little frightened but still aDORKable.

Go see tonight . It's more real than !

 The bands are adjourning to the Applebee's at Legends for a nightcap.

 Good morning from . We had a half-hearted orgy w/ Grouplove & 3 hippie chicks who were only there b/c their van broke.

Emergency meeting called to see if ANYONE here knows how to headline a festival. Is it too late to ask Eminem back?
2-for-1 tickets now available at gate + you can have dinner w/ band of your choice at T-Rex Cafe. PLEASE come.

These poor kids in fun. didn't have much fun playing to a crowd of 30. We invited them to the casino to hit the slots

Free admission after 8:00 and Zooey Deschanel will serenade you privately on ukulele. Please consider attending.

 Huge influx of cars in the parking lots but turns out they were all heading to Sporting KC.

 A lot of confused neo-hobos are wandering around looking for Edward Sharpe. The REAL show is at Crossroads, dummies!

 Strangely perfect weather for . Please, please attend.

 Just got word: official after-party at Applebee's at Legends. Please buy the kids from fun. some beers. They look sad.

 Based on #'s of retweets, we're declaring a success. It may actually return next year (unlike the real festival).

Also:  we imagine that #ImaginaryKanrocksas looked just like these photos from the REAL 2011 Kanrocksas (via this photo gallery):

 photo thumbnail

photo thumbnail


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