Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Twitter Tone Poem: Favorite Meals in LFK / Scenester Pick of the Day: The XX in KC

It's a slow week in LFK, so we decided to survey our Twitter army yesterday regarding their favorite meals in LFK.  We compiled some of the results into this delicious Twitter poem.  Enjoy!

I'd like to say something highbrow,
but the Mexican-style lengua tacos from Burrito King
are my absolute go-to.

Mirth's veggie b+g.
Cure for the common hangover.

Lamb gnocchi at 715.
It's comfort food and fine dining
all in one smooth delicious dish.

Any ravioli or fish dish at 715
cause their kitchen rocks them!
Best burgers in Larry are at Dempsey's Pub.

Empanadas at Wheatfield's
I foresee a roadtrip in my near future!!

Salad + focaccia at Wheatfield's because,

Intorno's Chicken Spiedini is making its way up the list.

Yokohama Sushi's spicy tuna roll + edamame.
A Friday night staple in our house.

Anything on Replay Lounge patio.
Hummus & falafel sandwich at Aladdin's.
Po' boys & hushpuppies at Terrebonne.

I ate the hushpuppy
that was on the counter
that you were probably saving for lunch
Forgive me.
It was delicious.
So savory.
And so crunchy-soft.

Present: everything burrito at Burrito King.
Cheap & filling.
Past: Ultimate burger w/jalapenos at Replay.
Cheap & filling.

Cream cheese and jalapeno pizza from Pizza Shuttle.
If it had the right parts I'd have sex with it

Recent photo of Replay menu:

One of the most hotly anticipated scenester shows of the year hits KC tonight as The XX roll into the Uptown Theatre.  But can a band whose records sound "like a whispered secret, an achingly intimate exchange best understood in the general vicinity of a bed" (via Pitchfork) offer up an interesting live show or would we fall asleep three songs into the set?

Like most potentially boring live bands, The XX apparently amp up the concert experience with a bunch of lasers and shit.  Here are excerpts from a funny review of the band's recent show in Vancouver:

"...the trio took to the stage under powerful Gestapo searchlights and piercing loop of a disaster alarm of “Try”‘. The light effect was disconcerting and the loop was a cross between malfunctioning car alarm and R2D2 with Tourette’s Syndrome."

"The stage was minimalist to the extreme: like a sci-fi set on the BBC, as written by Harold Pinter. The trio all wore black, (as one would expect)...With a light and laser show to go along with plumes of smoke, the XX did not have to bound about the stage to create visual thrills."

We'll stick with listening to the albums "in the general vicinity of a bedroom,"  but we look forward to hearing the high praise from all of you stoned scenesters on Twitter this evening.

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