Monday, June 17, 2013

Concert Recap: Father John Misty Impregnates LFK With Happiness on Father's Day at the Granada / Monday Pick: Everest/ Old Lights/Dean Monkey at Bottleneck

Readers, if you are like us, you're still recovering from last night's Father John Misty rave-up at the Granada.

The half-full venue (the other half of the town was playing kickball), along with a sound-mix twice as loud as necessary for a show where lyrics should be front and center, may have prevented the evening from attaining the same intimate magic of FJM's buzzy, packed-house winter appearance at the Bottleneck, but don't worry: it was still a barnburner.  Kicking off with a honky-tonkin' double-shot of "I'm Writing a Novel" and "Tee Pees 1-12," Father John Misty proceeded to tear it up, pausing occasionally for such necessities as a short Q&A session with fans (Fan: "Can I have your shirt?"  FJM: "No. I wear this shirt every day.") and to riff on ICP (did the Faygo-bath from their recent Granada appearance really fuck up the Granada's stage? probably).

Other highlights: 

A nice little duet from the Tillman boys (Josh's brother Zach is playing bass with the opener Pure Bathing Culture on this tour. They are delightful).

A sterling cover of "Happiness is a Warm Gun" in the encore.

Our horny, dope-smoking little Twitter brother known as @LarryfuckingKS could NOT stop laughing during a FJM riff about he should have knocked his girlfriend up and used the pregnancy test to score free Father's Day ice cream at Sylas and Maddy's before the show.

FJM:  "Love the people holding up lighters during that song. Just shows the impotence of songwriting to effect actual change."

Final thoughts:

BARRR was on hand to take some Vines, though he didn't Vine up very many last night (perhaps he was too hypnotized by FJM's signature, sensuous dance moves).  Here is a Vine of one of those dance moves.  Remember to contact BARRR for all your Vine-ing needs:  he'll Vine up your concerts, weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, etc.  [side note:  there was a really rockin' baptism going down in the main room at Liberty Hall on Friday night...truly they deserve their Best of LFK win for "Best Place for an Event!"].

Our friends at I Heart Local Music were on hand to take a lot of sexy pictures.  Ogle them here.


More fun than Game of the Week.

Sincere Regrets:  

We should've tagged along with BARRR and LarryfuckingKS for post-show karaoke at Bottleneck, since apparently FJM his own self apparently showed up and sang "I Believe I Can Fly."  This is why it always pays to stay out till the bars close every fucking night.  And especially Sunday.


Q&A session:

Sweet tour poster now adorning the walls at Larryville Chronicles headquarters (thanks, BARRR!) :


If you're still in the mood for rocking tonight, hit the Bottleneck for Everest, Old Lights, and LFK's own doo-wop daddies Dean Monkey and the Dropouts.  Here's a nice FB blurb on Everest's new album Ownerless (read in full at their page):

"Whether it be the slack-jaw stoner riffing of opening track “Rapture”, the ghostly, late-night harmonics of “Letter,” or the krautrock shuffle of “Hungry Ghost,” Ownerless sounds like a band functioning like an eight-armed groove machine—a vibe cultivated by the bands newfound sense of not giving a fuck (in the best way possible)."

Here's Everest performing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon a few years back.  

And here's Dean Monkey and the gang performing "Fucking Broke" and "Blue Balls" in a hole in the ground behind the train station in LFK a few years ago.  We can't wait until they get big enough to sing "Love Load" on the late-night talk shows!


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