Monday, June 10, 2013

Nerd Nite 18 Preview: The One About the Boobs / Weekend Recap: LFK Hosts a Funeral For Kansas

Chip's been referring to Nerd Nite 18 as "the one about the boobs."   That's right:  this is the month when everyone's favorite local third-wave feminist, Bananasuit, will examine the "KU Boobs" phenomenon.  We're proud that Rachel's important work on this subject actually began right here on our blog.   Refresh your memory with her original trenchant analysis here.  Then go here and relive the glorious moment when her piece (and our blog) got a nod in the Huffington Post.  Did it ruffle some feathers?  You bet it did.  Here's one of our favorite comments:

"So the fake feminists are claiming that sexism is empowering to women, are they? Sorry, girls, but you're wrong. You are simply propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. You're empowering sleazy straight guys. As a gay man, I can pick a fake feminist a mile away. Go away, sweetheart. Keep your boobs covered. Using them to get free drinks is a form of prostitution."

Chip:  "As a 'sleazy straight guy,'  I don't necessarily feel 'empowered' by the KU Boobs phenomenon.  But I do feel aroused."

And if boobs aren't your thing, well, there will also be Nerd Nite presentations on garbage and hot sauce.  Visit the FB page here.  It all happens on Wednesday at Pachamama's at 8:00.  The flyer contains boobs with hot sauce spilled on them. Is that a fantasy of yours?  Don't lie.


LFK loves a good protest nearly as much as it loves a good parade, so crowds turned up in droves on Saturday when local coordinators of decided to throw a funeral and a coffin procession for Kansas, a state which, as all good progressives know, has been killed by Governor Brownback's policies.

Our Twitter followers have already seen most of these pics, but we wanted to collect them here together for posterity.

Wayne Propst gets our prize for most artistic protest sign (presumably a reference to a story you can read about over here).

Later, Wayne couldn't resist this great photo op:

Someone was wise enough to resurrect the #HeBlowsALot controversy (refresh your PBR-addled memories over here).

No schools, no science, no doctors, but plenty o' guns!

 This woman is VERY happy to be part of the protest.  Also, her sign made us giggle.

 Another clever one: Dr. Seuss references.


 The coffin makes its way down Mass. Street.

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