Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend Scenester Picks: Rock and Roll, 80's Themed Indoor Bicicyle Races, and Football

It's outrageously cold in LFK but you'll probably want to venture out for rock and roll this evening because, well, that's what you do.

The Bad Ideas, The Quivers, and Pale Hearts will be getting sleazy down at the Jackpot.  The flyer kicks ass.

Pale Hearts w/ The Quivers & The Bad Ideas @ The Jackpot - Lawrence

And Radkey, Bloodbirds, and Ponyboy are at the Taproom, for those who prefer dangerously loud sounds in smaller spaces.  If those Radkey kids ever get old enough to drink, somebody buy 'em a PBR.

 RADKEY, Bloodbirds and Ponyboy. @ The 8th Street Tap Room


Having brought you burlesque shows and a circus in recent months, the gang at Frank's have decided it's high time to host an indoor bicycle race on Friday.  Visit the FB event page here for details. 
Here's the gist of it:
"FNST and Tallgrass Brewing Company are teaming up to bring you an '80s themed roller race. $10 gets you a FNST/Tallgrass pint glass and 3 time trials."

Sadly, these bikes are stationary, so this won't be the kind of Thunderdome-style insanity of scenesters crashing into each other on bikes that we first envisioned.  Still, you'll enjoy it.  And a firkin of "Mr. T's Spicy Buffalo Sweat" stout will be tapped, which sounds...delicious??  And we hear there are prizes for best 80's outfits.  We're going as Nic Cage from Valley Girl.



The place to be after you've raced your bikes and puked out the Buffalo Sweat is certainly The Dead Girls' album release party at the Replay.  Fade In/Fade Out hits Bandcamp tomorrow as a pay-what-you-will download (don't be stingy, scenesters!!) and the band will be playing the whole album at the show.  Visit the FB event page here for the full scoop.   And download the first single for free at Soundcloud here, if you haven't already.


And it's also Super Bowl weekend, if anybody gives a fuck?  Brother against brother, etc...

Go watch it with your friends at Liberty Hall.  Here's their very clever promo.  Think about it for awhile and you'll get it!

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