Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerd Nite 13 Preview / Photoshopped LFK Tourism Board Photo of the Week / Monday Night Movie: Top Gun

This Wednesday marks the first Nerd Nite of the new year, and it includes a presentation with the phrase "meta nerdery" in the title. Yes, we're excited.

Chip:  "I'm hoping for some practical advice on how to make my boner jokes more 'meta,' or, at the very least, some great clips from Community."

Here are the three presentation:

"Meta Nerdery: Being Smart about Being Smart" by Erin Bennett and Chris Niileksela  (dual presenters equals twice the nerdery!).

"Google you can drive my car: The Future of the Automobile" by Amy Mihalevich  (we get the Beatles reference!!)

Framing Information: The Fine Art of Big Data by Becky Harpstrite  (Becky is always super-fucking-cool!).

See you at Pachamama's.


Big shout-out to intrepid local reporter @oxfordist for tipping us off to this great promotional photo of Lawrence from the TravelKS website (note Tyler Gregory on the right!)  Somehow, we suspect a little photoshopping in this street scene, would you all agree?

 A Sensory Delight

Also, we'd like to propose a competition in which you all photoshop your favorite pictures of T-Gregs into various LFK locales:  for example, Tyler Gregory playing guitar on the court of Allen Fieldhouse.  E-mail them to us at .  Or you can just send us actual undoctored photos of T-Gregs playing in unusual locations, since he has probably played in nearly every possible square inch of LFK.


Our friends at Frank's continue their important month-long "Before they were douchebags" film series with a screening of Top Gun tonight after the KU game.  Does anyone remember this legendary early Tarantino rant from the film Sleep With Me in which he explains how Top Gun is one of the most subversive gay texts of all time?  Be warned: it's NSFW, as you'd expect from QT (watch till the end, as it keeps cutting back and forth between QT's lecture).

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