Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pick of the Month for Beer Nerds: Beer Night at the Watkins Community Museum / Concert Review: Father John Misty at the Bottleneck

Normally we don't promote events more than a week in advance, because our readers have short, beer-addled, attention spans, but we're making an exception today since this event may require you to act quick. 

We all know that LFK has a great event for nerds who like to drink beer (Nerd Nite), but what about a great event for beer nerds?  As it turns out, you're in luck!  

On Saturday, January 19, Watkins Community Museum is serving up (pouring up?) an event called Beer Night.  The event will kick off with a presentation on the history of Kansas brewers and breweries from Kansas historian Cindy Higgins at 7:30, followed by a beer tasting from Lawrence brewers including Free State and 23rd Street Brewery at 8:30.  Some of Larryville's finest homebrewers will also be on hand to discuss their craft, though law prohibits them from offering their samples at public events.  Bummer.  But perhaps there will be a little back-alley bootlegging going on?  The lecture is free.  The beer tasting is $10 bucks and gets you a commemorative tasting glass.  Since spaces are limited for the beer-tasting, e-mail reservations@watkinsmuseum.org  to reserve your spots or call 785-841-4109 x 205 if you're old-school.

Chip: "This sounds great, but I'm probably going to 'pre-game' with a few PBRs before heading down there."


Father John Misty (Josh Tillman) brought his scenester revival to the Bottleneck last night and the PBR-swilling congregation flocked to hear him.  His sermon is a controversial one for often-apathetic rock fans:  music can still be fun!  The ex-Fleet Fox is now out from behind the drums and largely eschewing instruments altogether in favor of living it up as a prancing, dancing frontman (one part sexy Jagger swagger and three parts Lizard King with his shimmying arm and body movements).  Kicking off with "Fun Times in Babylon," which includes a vow to "smoke everything in sight / with every girl I've ever loved," the set alternated between indie-folk numbers that might have been kicked off Fleet Foxes albums for being too upbeat and others that ventured into countrified Flying Burrito Brothers territory (our favorite: "I'm Writing a Novel.").  There was plenty of time for crowd interaction as well, from an opening masturbation joke (perhaps taking a cue from KU's Dean of Education?) to a recitation of KU sports heroes ("Danny Manning!  Scott Pollard!") to an analysis of a fan holding a lighter during one particularly dark tune (according to Tillman, the fan briefly extinguished it during the middle of the song because he felt like he wasn't getting the point, but then he realized he DID get it, so he lit the flame again).  After a blazing encore of Canned Heat's "On the Road Again," the hard-partying evangelist hit the road, but he'll surface in St. Louis tonight.  You should totally go.

Head over here for a boner-inducing review from I Heart Local Music and some great pics and video.

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