Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Under the Radar Scenester Picks: Robots, Aussies, and the Dance Moves of Douglas County Democrats

Everyone knows that Nerd Nite is tonight and that Jeff Mangum is on the way to LFK this weekend, but what about other worthy events that might be flying under your scenester radar?   Let's showcase a few.

Liberty Hall celebrates their new website with a "celebration of the internet, cyborgs, war-machines, computer systems, and badass cinema."  Yep.  They're screening Terminator 2 on Thursday.  9:30 pm. Visit the new website and get the full scoop here.

Do you often find yourself wishing that more Australian singer-songwriters would pass through LFK?   Chris Pickering is an Aussie native now based in Nashville, and he's on a sprawling Midwest tour that stops at the Czar Bar in KC on Jan. 19th and the Jackpot on Sunday, Jan. 20, where Chris will play alongside our pals in Books of Bokonon as well as Rachel Black and TX's Please Please Me.  Check out his tunes on Bandcamp and give him a "like" on FB here .  His new EP is called Corners.  And we dig the album cover of his 2010 record Work of Fiction, which got major raves from those Americana-lovers over at  No Depression (read their review here

Work Of Fiction cover art

Chip:  "I hear that, after each of his sets, Chris Pickering boxes a kangaroo on stage."

The Jackpot has a snazzy new website too, so stop by over here to get the scoop on this show and many others.

And our friends at Frank's are always up to something, be it a basement circus or an indoor bicycle roller race (coming next month).   This Friday you can party with the Douglas County Democrats for an "MLK Day Party and Food Drive."  Get the details from the FB event page here and discover that at least 48 of your most compassionate liberal friends will be on hand rocking out with Pat Nichols Delta and Country Blues Band upstairs and the Shebangs downstairs.

Spirit of Sharing - An MLK Jr. Day Party and Food Drive

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